Moore Dancing Cardio Dance Studio

Moore Dancing Cardio Dance Studio

Basic Profile

Moore Dancing Cardio Dance Studio in Brentwood, CA, offers a solid schedule of both daytime and evening dance fitness classes in cardio hip hop, cardio funk, Zumba, and a wide variety of other dance styles. There are lots of hip-hop classes on the schedule, in styles ranging from crunk to old school.

We aren't personally familiar with the entire, rather large teaching roster at Moore Dancing, but we're impressed with the quality choreographer/instructors we recognize! Some past and present teachers have photos and informative profiles on the elegant Moore Dancing Instructors page. For a more up-to-date list of current instructors, check the names on the class schedule.

As of September 2011, the studio's rates for purchases of single classes through 10-class packages are in the $19-$25 per class range. However, the "Monthly Unlimited" option works out to $12.50 per class if you take three classes a week, slightly less than the single-class rate at many L.A. dance studios. So for those on the Westside who work out regularly and want really good dance instructors, not just any old cardio fitness class, Moore Dancing may be a great option!

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