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Below are a few questions and answers we hope will tell you a bit more about the site. If you have questions of your own, drop us a line!

We cover hip-hop, jazz funk, and related classes that are

  • Regularly scheduled at a studio or other facility in Los Angeles County, CA (bounded to the north by the incorporated areas of the San Fernando Valley),
  • Open to adults (adult, teen/adult, mature adult, or all ages),
  • And open to the general public on a drop-in, series, preregistration, or membership basis.

We feature classes in a wide variety of hip-hop styles and closely related dance styles. We profile studios that offer only hip hop and studios that have just one hip-hop class on their schedule. We love variety in our dance life, and that's what we hope to bring you!

No, there is no charge for a studio or class to be written about in an article or have a studio profile or class description on Hip-Hop Dance Guide Los Angeles.

However, we're surprised by how often we're asked about a fee. We believe this may be because studios are used to being approached by web sites that sell listings in online business directories.

Hip-Hop Dance Guide Los Angeles is a dance resource site founded to publish quality information for dancers and provide a convenient way to explore adult hip-hop classes in L.A. We want our readers to be fulfilled in their dance lives! So we strive to connect teachers and studios that offer great hip-hop classes with dancers who are searching for what they have to offer.

We believe all forms of dance and art have value, and we want you to find what's most fulfilling for you! Many hip-hop dancers are versatile and appreciate a wide variety of dance styles. If you find a great contemporary, modern jazz, or other dance class with one of the instructors or studios featured on our site, we'll be just as happy as if you took a hip-hop class. And we'd love to hear about it!

But to provide a quality site, it's essential to hold the line on mission creep. Including classes and studios for all dance styles, or all ages, wouldn't allow us to spend enough time on each one to create the in-depth coverage we want to bring you. So we strive to do one thing, and do it well!