For Beginners

The Beginners’ Guides

Welcome, Beginning Dancers!

If you're just starting out with dance, we're excited for you! In our experience, the challenges and rewards of learning to dance are incredibly worthwhile. We hope your first classes will lead to many years of enjoyment of and appreciation for dance.

We encourage you to approach taking dance class as an adventure. It might not necessarily sound like one, being an indoor activity and all. But true adventure springs from within. The capability of dance to dynamically connect the human body, mind, and spirit makes profound adventure possible, and likely.

If it's in your nature to love dance, taking class can offer limitless potential for learning, growth, and self-discovery. Not to mention self-expression, camaraderie, and joy.

And we wish all these things for you! We hope the information here will help you get started with dance, and that you'll find a class you love.

Let us know how it goes!