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Welcome to Hip-Hop Dance Guide Los Angeles!

Our goal is to make hip-hop classes in Los Angeles accessible to all interested adults, from aspiring professional dancers planning their first trip to L.A. to lifelong Angelenos who've never set foot in a dance studio.

The web site features profiles of dance studios that offer classes for adults in hip hop, jazz funk, and related dance styles, dance class descriptions, and advice for beginning dancers.

We also maintain an online calendar of dance events and new classes starting. Many calendar entries link to more in-depth dance update articles. (You can see the most recent dance updates in the sidebar on the home page.)

To visit an area of the web site, use the top navigation bar or click on one of the orange titles below.


In our Studios section you can search within either a large region or a smaller area of Los Angeles to locate dance studios and other places to take hip hop. (By default, all studios are displayed.)

Our in-depth profiles of featured studios include

  • An article about the studio, what it has to offer, and the type of dancer it's best suited to.
  • A breakdown of studio contact information, social media, etc.
  • A guide to visiting the studio including parking info, policies, amenities, and more.

We also publish briefer profiles, so we can include more studios on the site faster.

There are studios in L.A. that cater to everyone from professionals to complete beginners! We hope you find one that's a great fit for you.


Teaching dance is a skill and an honor, and some of the best instructors may not be the ones with the most impressive credits or the longest resumes. So we strive to learn about the distinctive gifts our L.A. hip-hop and jazz funk teachers bring to the class environment.

In our class descriptions, we provide information on the instructor's teaching style, what happens during the class, and what type of dancer the class is best suited to.

By showcasing instructors' teaching talents, perspectives, and approaches to dance—in addition to experience and choreography—we aim to connect the dancers and dance teachers with the most to offer each other.

Contact Us

You're welcome to join our e-mail list! If you're on Twitter, you can follow us for updates on who's teaching and what they have planned for class. You can also reach us with a message.

Why Dance?

The open-ended question "Why dance?" is a theme of our web site. At the bottom of the "Why Dance?" feature on the home page, there's a link so you can send us your own response. By sharing answers, we hope to give potential new dancers a glimpse of all that dance can bring to their lives—while also providing inspiration for the rest of us!

For Beginners

Welcome, beginning dancers!

If you feel like you could use a new dancer orientation, it's understandable. Many people didn't grow up taking classes at dance studios. In the Beginners' Guides, you can check out our advice on getting ready for your first class, what to expect, dance terms you're likely to hear, and more.

We encourage everyone to get out those sneakers, pick a class, and dance!

The Beginners’ Guides


On the calendar, we post events of likely interest to adult studio dancers in L.A. who take hip hop. These include open houses at dance studios, performances that include hip-hop dance, and the start dates of new hip-hop classes.

Around major holidays, we maintain a separate list of studio modified schedules and closures, linked from the home page, so our readers know where they can dance!

And Welcome Again . . .

We encourage you to explore all the amazing options for dance we have in Los Angeles! Welcome, and happy dancing.