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Your Neighborhood Studio tree logo in black on a shiny silver metal sign

Stop by YNS DTLA to enjoy five hours of free 30-minute classes during the studio's Sunday-afternoon Semiannual Open House! In addition to a few hip hop and jazz funk influenced offerings, classes include West African, Afro Contemporary, Dancehall, NYC Mambo, and Samba Reggae.

Friends Forever Workshop Flyer shows Mariana Moncada dancing

The Friends Forever Workshop in memory of Mariana Moncada, held at Movement Lifestyle, will raise money to help people who need liver transplants.

Flyer for Sandy Rzezniczak & Marcin Rebilas Dance Workshops shows headshots

Tony Tzar's new dance company, Black Light Society, will offer Saturday-afternoon workshops with Polish hip-hop choreographers Sandy Rzezniczak and Marcin Rebilas at Debbie Reynolds Studio.

Flyer for Raw Vibration Workshop with Marc Marvelous & Duece at the ML Studio

Duece and Marc Marvelous will collaborate to train dancers in a raw, hood movement style at their late-night Raw Vibration workshop. Dress code is all black and dancers are requested to bring knee pads.